26 February 2012

and we are it

The Antichrist is here; and we are it. It is the hubris of man that is our greatest threat. We play with things we do not fully understand and foolishly believe that we can compete with the Universe, with God, to control nature. And if you believe as I do that God is in all things you know that God is nature and nature will ultimately win. It is our choice to work with nature or to try and defeat it - to war with it. The kingdom of heaven is all around us and within us yet we are doing are best to destroy it. Or bodies are the ultimate temple of God but we do not trust it - we poison it. 
We have been given our freewill. Our greatest gift, we give away daily to governments and corporations for the illusion of control. We each contain a "God Spark" with which we can create or destroy. It is our greatest task to learn to use our freedom; not with arrogance, greed or pride but with humility and love. 

to be continued....

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