23 January 2012

Among the Living

I've become
  a creature of solitude
attended by silence
  an ember
I wallow in alone


I remember

Pain and fatigue are not all
  this body has felt


there is the 
  lingering lifetime slide
    of lips across lips
the shadow 
  of a caress
a stealthy tangle
  of hair in hand
  a still
    thundering pulse here.


for years you spat your words
into the well of me
and for the life of me 
i have been dredging them up
watering bitter roots
and drinking them down
accustomed to the taste of their poison
always that first sip sweet
as a memory created of 
things meant to be
of fate or destiny
but I have become dried up 
and tired 
a husk of wondering if there's
any me left
at the bottom of that well