12 November 2011

Snowless Night

there is a peace upon me
like the first night of snow
when even the light of a half moon might cast magic shadows
with a silence so loud that each moment without thought is a profound answer
where here, behind my eyes, is a sea flowing dark, drunken and mysterious
no frenetic pulses or narrowing in this soft new world
only the fire at my center burning brighter and hotter 

welcoming me home

30 April 2011

Fools Feeding Time

The denizens' come to the round square

teetering old to tottering young

They gather like vampires

to feed on the energy of terror

and share in the seduction of evil


The leavings of the dame spill

and roll forward in an awkward parade

leaving trails of tears, blood and wretchedness

in their wake masks of mock horror

surging in shared ecstasy they moan

then cry shrill and coarse for more


Madame Death smiles

her gaping stained tooth grin

knowing wicked will turn on wicked

and she shall never go hungry


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31 March 2011

A Great Fall

Buried Alive


Love of Light

the light

it is beautiful

and we love it, truly



its brilliance


it makes our shadows

so long.

For Our Love Of

For our love of the
little ones, whose souls burn so bright,
we will overcome the darkness
and bring forth the light.
For our love of the
children, whose hearts are full of grace,
we will finally make this world
a loving, peaceful place.
For our love of the
angels, so recently from Gods own nest,
we will, each and everyone,
at last be truly blessed.