15 August 2010

Her Name

Her NameFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

from his lips
a poem.
Her Name by LJEddy on Polyvore.com


Stranger in My Skin

Soft Breath of Night

She Wants to Trust

Who Can You Trust?: Overcoming Betrayal and Fear

The Day the Memories Returned

The Day the Memories ReturnedFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
My memory was destroyed by the abuse. I don't remember much of my childhood and what I do looks like this. Polaroid pictures that come out of nowhere. But there can be no healing without remembering.
I remembered shortly after I found out the person who molested me had Alzheimers. I don't think it was a coincidence. I was finally safe and my child mind could let go.

The Day the Memories Returned by LJEddy on Polyvore.com

24 July 2010

Almost 43

Life's Grainy PolaroidFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Life's Grainy Polaroid by LJEddy featuring Bena brooches

At almost 43 I wonder how other people remember.
At somewhere around three I learned to forget.
Buried the memories.
Buried Me.
They come to me now like a choppy slide show of grainy Polaroids.
At eight I won prettiest costume.
They saved the clipping from our small town paper.
I scratched out my face.
Pretty isn't safe. Invisible at least gives the illusion.
I no longer wake trying to scream, back against the wall, hands out.
Nowadays I lie paralyzed but angry as hell.
I'm almost 43.
The pain of spirit and soul
has become the chronic pain of no name
and tears are hard to make
but they aren't so needed anymore.
At 38 I gave birth to a miracle, a savior.
She is strong and sassy, lively and extroverted.
She wears me out and lifts me up.
There are days I consider
stepping off the curb to escape the hurting
then she says, "I love you, hold my hand"
and I know I'll never leave her.
I'm almost 43.
And I finally understand that sex isn't the same as I love you (though they'll let you believe it is.)
Passionate, Temperamental, Eclectic, Quiet and maybe still a tiny drop of Insane...
I'm ready to be Me.

Universal Mother

18 June 2010

Mirror Image

The mirror

another opportunity

to admire your pretty flesh

You primp and preen

pout and pose

but avoid looking

into your own eyes


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03 May 2010

Love Note

I'm going to write a book
a book of poems
filled with tragedy and melancholy

I'm going to leave you out.

19 April 2010


On black...
Image by Funchye via Flickr
Swallow me whole
on a field of black
that follows like silk
with your touch
take me to the limits of soul
return me to nothing but touch
and the absence of sound
a directionless journey
to the completion of one.
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